Note: Please attempt to compress your video file. If you have trouble compressing your video/files to under 50MB, there is now a space on here where you can add a link from a source like Google Drive or Dropbox. Please just make sure your share settings allow others to view the link.


**Safety Highlight** For the recording of all videos, competitors must follow all local, state, and federal COVID-19 directives regarding social distancing, shelter-in-place, and size of group gatherings.


Video Requirements:

All Videos Must:

  1. Be continuous, non-stop footage of the entire presentation without editing/splicing, use of green screens, virtual backdrops, or on-screen text.
  2. No fancy equipment is needed; presentation content will be judged, not the quality of the video production. Shooting a “selfie video” on your smartphone, or using your tablet/computer are all acceptable. 
  3. Speak to judges and patients (if applicable) as if they are actually in front of you during the competitive event recording.
  4. Do not read from the rubric or guidelines. We want to see mastery of your skill just as if you were doing this in person at state.
  5. Competitors must be visible in the video recording. 
  6. Try as best you can to film footage angles so judges can clearly see you are doing the skill properly; best practice is to verbalize your skill as you do it to ensure judges know what you are doing even if they can’t always “see” with the camera angle.
  7. Videos should meet the time guidelines 
  8. Videos must be uploaded to the form on our website here.
  9. Dress Code: As Future Health Professionals, HOSA members should present themselves in a professional manner for all recorded presentations and/or live events for Virtual SLC 2021 and follow the appropriate dress code for their event. 
  10. File must be named by school name followed by competitor(s) last name followed by abbreviation of event name (Ex: CareerCenterMeierEMT or CareerCenterMeierBLS). See abbreviations used in table below. 


Video Tips:

  1. Try to hold the recording device steady during the recording
  2. Try to remove distracting items in the background. Solid color walls as backdrops will work best, but are not necessary, as only the presentation content of the video is judged. 
  3. Record the presentation from a quiet location and test the audio before-hand
  4. If you don’t like your first take – try again! With Virtual SLC, you have time to perfect your presentation & submit the link to your BEST video! Just remember, videos must be one continuous shot.